Hubert1924 XIII BarmeNS Cup

Flair and mixology

11-12. december 2018.


Hotel Sheraton , Novi Sad , Serbia

Time schedule


Qualifying round

competitors arrival

11:30 – 12:00
discussion with judges (rules&regulations)

qualification start (mixology)

proclamation of 6 qualified bartenders for final round


Final round

final round start

winner announcement



Bartender has at his disposal 4 minutes to prepare two cocktails, Storage fun using working flair and using exhibition flair. For the working flair each bottle must be at least 1/3 full and for the exhibition flair each bottle must contain minimum 1.5 cl of liquid.

You are OBLIGATED to use this brands and recipes

Storage fun

  • 3cl.Vodka
  • 2cl. Blue Curacao
  • 1.5 cl. Lemon juice
  • Top with Sprite
  • Glass: higball


  • 1.5 cl. vodka
  • Orange juice
  • 1.5cl. Grenadine (shake)
  • Glass: Martini

Final round

Bartender has at his disposal 6 minutes for the whole show in which he has to prepare 2 cocktails in high ball and martini glass with the straw and garnish.

General rules

1. Competition is judged with WFA rules.
2. Any violation of any of said rules or guidelines may result in expulsion from competition.
3. Competitors must be at least 18.
4. All competing bartenders must be at the location of the competition at 12.00 to confirm their participation. Any bartender that is not on time for scheduled round may be subject to disqualification. After registration there will be a briefing and the drawing of the numbers.
5. Flair will be performed in designated areas only.
6. Appropriate attire is required.
7. Competitors will not be allowed to wear the logos of any companies other than the sponsors of the competition or the venue that they work at WHILE ON STAGE (behind the bar). Competitors may wear other logos anywhere except while on stage (behind the bar).
8. Music must be in CD form and in its own case, properly labeled with your name and track #. It is recommended that you bring more than one copy with you in case it is damaged or not readable.
9. Competitors may use their own pour-spouts.
10. Competitors may use their own tins.
11. Competitors must use only specified brands.
12. Competitors may use their own unlabeled bottles for mistery liq.
13. At the final round there will be on Working and Exhibition Flair. Every bartender has to make specified drinks in 6 minutes.
14. The cocktail is not considered as finished if it’s not served with the straw.
15. No empty bottles are to be used in the routine. Each bottle must at least contain 1.5 cl of the product.
16. Glassware and store-n-pours will be supplied.
17. No fire tricks of any kind will be permitted.
18. Each competitor needs to open a bottle of beer and poured into a glass
19. Competition entry fee is 25 euros (includes: 3 day apartment, competition entry and T-shirt)

Any contestant not conforming to the rules of the Cocktail fest competition will be immediately disqualified.

Scoring system

There are three sections to the scoring system comprising of sub-sections, these are as follows;

(200 points – 50 points per sub section)

Variety – To score well in this section we want to see competitor’s flair everything they touch. If you pick up your juice and just pour with for example we will see that as a missed opportunity to flair. We will also be looking for a wide variety of moves. A flash (when all objects are in the air at the same time), Grabs, pours, bumps, taps, rolls, stalls etc.

Creativity – It is impossible for judges to know where every single move comes from and who made up which move, but our professional judges have a wide knowledge of flair and will be able to see if someone is copying or has taken moves from someone else. To score highly we want to see your own style, moves and creations throughout your routine. This is not just about the moves, it also takes into consideration the presentation of your routine, your music and how well or creative you are when you perform!

Difficulty – Just because you flair more objects at the same time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are more difficult. A bump, tap and roll combination with a bottle and tin can be more difficult than some 4 bottle moves. Judges will be looking for difficult moves and skilful sequences. Linking together a lot of bumps/rolls/taps/reverse catches for example can help you score points.

Smoothness – Did you have a set routine, or where you just making it up as you go along. If you drop did you recover well or did you let it affect your performance. We want to see a routine, which is well balanced. We also want to see a smooth flairing style. We don’t want to see you stopping to adjust grabs, or not putting your moves together well.

Balance – Is your routine weighted correctly? The judges will be looking for a well thought out performance and not something that has not been planned. We want to see the routine build into a great finish.

Showmanship – Flair is all about entertaining people. You are putting on a show for the people that are in the venue, so we want to see you interact with them. This doesn’t mean that you must wear a costume, just try and think what you want to see from a performance. One tip: A smile can make a big difference.

Music Interaction – Very straightforward! How well are you flairing in time with your music? The judges will be looking to see if you stop when the music stops/breaks, or do you flair with the beat of the tune. Are you interacting with the words of the song, or are you literally dancing with the music while you are flairing? Your routine should be choreographed from beginning to end.

Composure – Are you calm and relaxed on stage? Do you land all moves with confidence, do you recover well from any drops or mistakes? To score well here you must posses these abilities.

Drop (3 points) – A drop is when the object you are flairing with is out of your control and falls to the floor or onto the bar. We will not count drops with a beverage napkins, straw, garnish or ice. Also if you are flairing 3 bottles for example and you drop two of them, then that will be counted as two drops. If you drop a bottle and it spills you will only be penalised for the drop, you will not be deducted for the spill as well. If you knock the bar and two tins fall off of the station you will be counted for two drops here as it is the fault of the bartender. If you are flairing 3 tins and one bottle and you drop all 3 tins which are all together and inside each other then this is only 1 drop, but if they are separated and you drop them then it is 3 drops.

Spill (2 points) – We will have two judges counting spills and then we will take the average from their results. A spill will be down to the judges’ discretion.

Break (10 points) – Whenever a glass object is smashed, either in mid air or on the floor.

Misc (5 points) – Missing ingredient, wrong ingredient or wrong procedure.
We will be looking for beverage napkins, straw, garnish, plenty of ice, whether you used the correct procedure when making the required drinks and finally if you put in the required ingredients for the cocktail.

Missing Drink (40 points) – Quite simply, if you don’t have the two drinks on the bar by the end of your routine, then it is considered as missing. If you have a glass on the bar top with ice but with no alcohol or mixer etc then that is a missing drink. If a drink is considered as missing you will not get deducted for the missing ingredients as well.

Prize money for flairtending

1st place: 500 €

2nd place: 200 €

3rd place: 100 €



1. Competitor must prepare 3 same digestif cocktails during 6 minutes.
2. It is obligatory to use portfolio brandy/rakija HUBERT1924 at least 2 cl ( HUBERT1924 will be provided by the organizer). All other ingredients including decoration must be provided by competitor himself.
3. Volume of the cocktail must be from 7cl to 20 cl.
4. Recipes must not exceed 7 ingredients including drops, dashes…
5. It is permitted to use any homemade syrup, liqueur, macerate, infusion…
6. All methods are allowed (muddling, stirring, blending, layering, building, flaming, shaking…)
7. Competitor has 5 minutes to prepare his workstation. Performance starts with the countdown 3, 2, 1 – go. During the performance he will be warned about the time.
8. Competitors must fill out the application form for the competition with measurements expressed in centiliters, dash, splash, bar spoon, or quantities of solid materials.
9. Ingredients may be measured using a jigger or similar measure or freely poured.
10. Competitors serving drinks which appear inedible or working with unhygienic methods will be disqualified, their drinks discarded without being sampled.
11. Competitor has 20 minutes before his performance to prepare his garnish.
12. Garnishes shall consist only of edible fruit or vegetables. Flowers as decorations are permitted. Strictly forbidden are intoxicating, poisonous or inedible flowers.
13. Garnish ingredients must be stated in the recipe in full, not just like fruit decoration, fruit curtain or fruit skewer.
14. Condiments, such as: salt, sugar, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and chocolate can be used in their common standard form. Condiment decorations are allowed to be used as long as they are prepared in the back room.
15. The competitor must provide glasses for his performance. The glasses can be made of glass or any other material, depending on the imagination and the concept of serving chosen by the competitor.
16. To prepare the cocktail competitors use his/her own bartender tools.
17. Only standard long straws, short straws, cocktail picks, and stirrers are to be used and should be without any kind of logo or branding or if so, then only with the logo of the sponsor
18. The Recipe must be an original work that was created by you and cannot have previously won a sweepstakes, contest, or other promotion.
19. The station will be cleaned and set up for the next competitor. This procedure will be repeated after each round.
20. Any questionable garnishes must seek the approval of the judges.
21. The dress code is smart casual, without any mark other brands
22. All competitors must send their recipes till 6.12.2018.
23. Organizer has the right to change the rules at any time.
24. The organizer has the right to use names, photographs and other text, video and photo material for promoting and marketing reasons.
25. Disobeying the rules of the competition can result in immediate disqualification of the competitor.
26. Competitors are required to pay a registration fee of 25 euros ( 3000RSD) before the competition starts.
With the application you provided
– 3 nights in a hostel with other competitors
– T-shirt
– entry to the competition
27. If you decide to compete both in mixology and flair category, registration fee is 25 euros for both.(3000RSD)
28. Any kind of vulgar behavior or any kind of disrespect shown to organizers, judges or other competitors will lead to disqualification, and we will kindly ask you to leave the venue!!! No exceptions!!
29. During the appearance the competitor has to open and serve bottle of beer.
30. In addition homade ingredients allowed to be used only VEDRENNE syrups

Awards for BarmeNS spirit shakers

2nd place: barman equipment set

3rd place: barman equipment set